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February is National Cat Health Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The importance of annual exams.

Most annual exams are routine check ups.  However, this gives us the opportunity to check your pet out from head to tail.  Early detection of problems gives us the upper hand when diagnosing and resolving most issues.  That tiny lump you found as you were brushing your pet could mean could be something more serious.  Any changes in your pet whether physical or behavior should be checked out.

Early Detection is Key

If cancer is detected early it can be treated more effectively, so it's important to check you pet regularly for the 10 Early Warning Signs as recommended by the Veterinary Cancer Society.

1.   Swollen Lymph nodes

2.  An enlarging or changing lump

3.  Abdominal distension

4.   Chronic weight loss

5.   Chronic vomiting or diarrhea

6.   Unexplained bleeding

7.   Cough

8.   Lameness

9.   Straining to urinate

10.  Oral Odor

If your pet has any of these early warning signs, you should take him or her to your veterinarian as soon

as possible for a more complete examination.  In addition, you should keep you pet away from environmental toxins like lawn fertilizers and surface and rug cleaners that have warning labels relative to children and pets.  Many veterinarians see a link between environmental toxins and cancer. 

As always, we value your questions so, fire away.  REMEMBER,  I can't, uuuuummmm I mean, the docs can't diagnose a problem without being seen.  But, feel free to ask and we'll tell you if you should bring your pal in.  The email address  is  

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