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Vaccines are preparations of killed microorganisms, living weakened microorganisms, etc. introduced into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease by causing the formation of antibodies.

Vaccines are very delicate compounds, which if handled or administered incorrectly will be ineffective or neutralized.

Vaccines are administered initially as a two-shot series and then annually or semiannually.

The vaccines and vaccine protocols listed below are tailored to our practice and geographic location and follow the guidelines of our doctors.


1. Calving Area
  Make sure it is clean & dry.  Used by one cow at a time.  No amount of antibiotics will overcome a dirty calving environment.

2. At Birth - Four quarts of high quality colostrum, ASAP & again in 12 hours.  Use a clean & sanitized esophageal feeder if the calf will not consume a sufficient amount of colostrum.  Dip the navel with 7% iodine, use Nasalgen or TVS2 vaccine to prevent pneumonia.  If scours is a problem: try scour agents for E.coli (Bovine Ecolizer, or First Defense) & cornona/rotavirus (Calfguard Vaccine).

3. Four to Six months of age - Heifers Start to vaccinate with a modified live vaccine (MLV) containing IBR/PI3/BRSV/BVD + Lepto 5-way, such as Bovishield Gold FP or Vista vaccine.  Add a colostridial 7-way, such as Caliber 7 or Covexin 8.  Repeat 2 more times before first service at 12-14 months of age. 

4. Heifer pregnancy diagnosis -  Give Lepto 5-way.

5. Heifer Far-Offs-  Lepto 5-way and an E.coli mastitis vaccine such as J-5 vaccine, J-Vac or Endovac Bovi.

6. Heifer Close-ups-  Lepto 5-way, Clostridiam 7-way & E.coli mastitis vaccine


1. 7-40 days post calving
  Bovishield Gold FP, or Vista MLV + lepto 5-way; E.coli mastitis vaccine

2. Pregnancy diagnosis- Lepto 5 way +/-Harjo Bovis (Spirovac + L5)

3. Dry off   - E.coli vaccine, Killed 9 way vaccine


1. SPIROVAC - Harjo bovis vaccine - killed vaccine for lepto harjo bovis
2. Scourguard/Guardian calf scours vaccine given to dry cows
3. Salmonella SRP vaccine - Agrilabs